Kareela Hill Quarter Horse Stud
and Agistment Centre

 Busselton, WA.

Customer Testimonials

"Well my sheer frustration led me to the Parelli website one nightshift while I was at work, this then led me to a website for Kareela Hill Stud run by Peter and Anna Macleay at Kojonup.
I was actually looking at their stallion Radical Blue Magic to put my Quarter Horse mare to, as I had nearly come to the end of my tether trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with her. So I thought she’s a beautiful mare, if I put her to Radical Blue Magic I would get a foal that hopefully had his temperament, that was until I found Parelli which Anna and Peter use with all of their horses.
I rang Anna and discussed my problems with my Quarter horse so she invited me to go and have a look at her RBM. Well I spent a few hrs there and was so impressed with all of her horses, from babies to older horses. One of her yearlings had caught my eye on their website, Jamey who I also saw and fell in love with instantly.
A lot has happened since then as my Quarter Horse mare and myself are getting better and better everyday as we play the seven games of Parelli and I now look at her with a smile verses my usual frustration, I’m sure she does too. A long journey ahead for us to learn but worth every second and the rewards are just fantastic and life changing.
To cut a long story short I bought Jamey, we went down and picked him up, I took along my ex racehorse for company. We played with Jamey over about 4hrs getting him used to the float and playing other games. He was perfect on the 5 hour trip back to Gidgegannup and that is all due to the fantastic job Anna and Peter do with their horses. How amazing to witness such a young horse being confident about this whole experience, there was no pressure on Jamey and he was perfect in everyway.
Learning Parelli and having people like Anna and Peter Macleay who are always there when you need advice and their horses are proof of how well their training is. I have never met such a young horse like Jamey who is so well adjusted, he amazes me everyday and I feel so fortunate to have him in our family.
Anna and Peter thankyou"

Lisa Harris . (New owner of a young gelding by Radical Blue Magic")


Pat Terry, Kojonup, WA (Agistee)
"Kareela Hill Stud and its large lush paddocks to run in, is Club Med 
for horses! Anyone who visits will notice how happy and healthy all the 
horses are. I am very fortunate to have my horse agisted there. Anna 
and Peter are not only particular about the horses nutritional needs, but 
using the Parelli program, address their social and emotional ones too. 
Kareela Hill has excellent facilities and welcome you to use them to 
play with and ride your horse. Regularly visiting practitioners address 
dental care, veterinary and even branding, as required. 
I ask you, where else could you get this level of care?"


  • Dawn Ong, Veterinary student at Murdoch Uni, WA and Singapore;
"Thank you for your patience, guidance and teachings for these few days. I have learnt a whole new approach on handlinf and interacting with horses which is so much more interesting for horses as oit is for people. It is very heartwarming to realise the passion and commitment both of you have for horses and I would do my best to apply whatever I have learnt and experienced into my jobs in the future. Althought there is a possibility that the might be sold, I hope both of you continue to inspire as many people and vet students as you did for me. Cheers, Dawn"

Paisley Walker, Parelli Professional. "I never thought I would have a horse of Aspen’s caliber; calm, smart, brave, athletic and not to mention, stunning!  I am very excited about our future together and grateful to Anna and Peter MacLeay for their support. Kareela Hill is a VERY special place with VERY special horses that are not only thoughtfully bred, but also have a self confidence and curiosity that comes from having the very best start in life, making them the perfect partners for any discipline."

Comments from Beau's Owner, Natasha, Lake Clifton, WA  Beau, he’s such a character I reckon if I let him in the house he would make himself at home. I would send more photos but he is always coming too close to the camera. Beau's temperament is amazing. I feel he is part of the family.   Beau is a credit to you he is such a sensible boy. Thank you again for my beautiful boy. I could keep telling you things all day he’s just delicious, as you already know. Beau is a credit to you he is such a sensible boy."

From Magic's breeder, Sue Fornasier, NSW (via email)

"I have just had a look at your website again after not doing so for a while and I am blown away by the quality of Magic's foals. Absolutely awesome and beautiful.  And Magic looks so well and radiant. He looks great going over the poles and shows his wonderful floating movement in that picture as he appears to almost hover over the poles. As I have said before, I feel so grateful that he has come into your hands as you are really bringing out the best in him. I must say, I have experienced a few foals now and his temperament was so far the best. He was a very easy foal to handle, right from the start and I will always treasure my memories of him. Thanks for giving him such a wonderful home. 

Best wishes and kind regards,


From Sharon Piscioneri, Thoroghbred breeder Waroona, WA. Sept, 2012

"Cinta (Italian for "Flower") is an awesome classy filly. Our vet is smitten with her. She is always coming over to us and is teaching the thoroughbreds to do the same. I would have more photos but she is always coming up to the camera!"She is an absolutely cracking filly!. I had her running with my TB youngsters since weaning but I have put her with my hacks now, I don’t want her growing too fast on the rich food the TBs get plus I have trainers looking at the yearlings now and I can’t get them to concentrate on the TBs , they all want to take Cinta.! She is a dark brown, nearly black with a star and snip. If I was still in Showaholic mode she would be out there winning everything in sight. I bred QHs for 30 odd years and she is as good as any of my Royal Show/State Champions. She is a quick learner and has mastered most of her level 1 ground skills, I will potter on with her and then turn her out again next winter. I will look at starting her under saddle when she is three. I want to be able to keep riding her after she has been started."